• The products sold on this website are sold in high volume. This means that as soon as the order is made and the payment is processed, the order will be sent out for shipping by our team. Therefore, once the order is processed. it will not be possible to reverse any orders from going out. Please be certain about a purchase before making the decision and make sure you review your shopping cart. 
  • We do offer refunds.
  • A refund may be granted if the customer emails us at the following email: support@bearvana.co within 30 days of the purchase with the explanation. Please allow one business week for a response but we usually respond within 2 business days. A customer is entitled to a refund if: an order is running more than 3 weeks late of expected delivery date, if the product was not delivered in its complete form, if an item is damaged, if a customer is not satisfied with results, and refunds are granted if a customer explains another unique situation that we find when a refund is applicable. Shipping and handling costs are refunded on a case-by-case basis.
  • Customers should expect the refunds to hit their statements within 5-10 business days of when the refund is sent out.

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