Not Your Average Bear

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Not Your Average Bear

9 exotic ingredients (plus vitamins) brought to you in a delicious berry flavored gummy. The ingredients used in BEARVANA are as follows:

Wild Yam Root (Dioscorea Villosa)

This specific species of the vegetable root can be found anywhere from Canada to Eastern US states such as Florida and Georgia.

One species is native to North America; another is native to China. Wild Yam usually flourishes in damp woodlands. It's a perennial, pale brown vine. The roots are not fleshy (unlike sweet potato yams). Unlike sweet potato yams, the roots are not fleshy. They can grow over 30 feet.*

Dandelion Root

If you’re from Europe, Asia or North America, chances are you have seen dandelions during the summer months.

There are hundreds of species of dandelion root. You can find them in Europe, Asia and North America. Dandelion is a hardy perennial that can grow to a height of nearly 12 inches. Dandelion flowers open with the sun in the morning and close in the evening or during gloomy weather.*

Chaste Berry (Vitex Agnus-Castus)

This member of the “mint” family is native to Central Asia and southern parts of Europe.

Vitex agnus-castus, or chaste tree, is a shrub that bears violet flowers and berries. The favorable parts are the dried fruit and leaves. The plant comes from the Mediterranean and western Asia. It can also now be found in southeastern parts of North America.*


Can be found in many places including South America, Europe, Asia and United States.

Flaxseed is an annual plant grown for its fiber and its seeds. It’s grown in fair and tropical regions. It's oil can contain properties similar to fish oil (not a replacement).*

Dong Quai “Female Ginseng”(Angelica Sinensis)

You can find this herb in the high altitude mountains of Japan, China and Korea.

Dong Quai, also known as female ginseng, is an herb typically used in traditional Chinese culture. It has been used for centuries.*

Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum)

Fenugreek is a plant that originates in the Mediterranean and Southern Asia.

Fenugreek is a plant that grows 2-3 feet tall. It is used in many vegetable dishes and as a condiment. It has been used in traditional chinese and herbology and indian culture for many years.*

Saw Palmetto

It is endemic to the subtropical Southeastern United States, most commonly along the South Atlantic and Gulf Coastal plains and sand hills.

Saw Palmetto can be found in tropical Central and South America. It is a palm-like plant with berries. The berries were a staple food and herb for Native Americans in the United States. It is labelled as the “keystone species” in the Florida ecosystem and it is a major food source for state-threatened and endangered Florida black bear and panther species.*

Fennel Seed (Foeniculum Volgare)

You can find Fennel Seeds growing in the sub-mountainous regions of Italy and Greece.

Fennel is a perrenial herb of the carrot family that has been grown for it's edible seeds and leaves. The seeds can contain essential oils. fennel seed is a spice with a warm, aromatic flavor used in sweet and savory recipes around the globe, and particularly popular in Italian, Indian, and Middle Eastern cooking.*

Blessed Thistle (Cnicus Benedictus)

This unique plant can be found anywhere from the islands of Portugal to the steep mountains of Turkey and Iran.

The plant is harvested in the summer as it comes into flower and is dried for later use. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, blessed thistle is a member of the Asteraceae family, commonly referred to as the aster, daisy, sunflower, or ragweed family. It grows on dry, stony ground and in open, sunny areas.*

Essential Vitamins A, C, E and B6

You can find these vitamins in everyday food.

Vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients—because acting in concert, they perform hundreds of roles in the body. Vitamins are a group of substances that are needed for normal cell function, growth, and development. Each of the vitamins listed above has an important job in the body. A vitamin deficiency occurs when you do not get enough of a certain vitamin. Vitamin deficiency may cause health problems.*